JJ Roulette Ring

JJ Roulette RING , like JJ Roulette TILES, is a patent application that provides for the creation of multiple checkpoints within each of the boxes of the cylinder used for playing Roulette.

JJ Roulette RING allow to create new gaming opportunities by creating new drop points within each numbered boxes allowing new game formats or Jackpot creation.

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JJ Roulette RING allows new gambling bets depending on the drop point within the numbered boxes: each box has three corridors where the ball can end its run, so it will be possible to imagine three different bets for each numbered box.

JJ Roulette RING for Single Roulette 0 provides 111 corridors while for Double 0 Roulette it provides 114. The product can be completed through the detection system, JJ Detection System , able to accurately detect the position of the ball.

JJ Roulette RING is the subject of an Italian patent and a PCT on the various implementation methods, of a design registered both nationally and internationally, of copyright on the layouts used for placing bets.