Relive Roulette


RELIVE Roulette is a new way to play roulette that creates a greater emotional involvement thanks to the replacement of the traditional betting placement area with a circular layout that proposes the same arrangement of numbers present on the cylinder and on which the stroke of the ball inside the cylinder is displayed in real time allowing the placing of bets ‘substantially’ on the cylinder where the ball is seen turning.

Passing the ball on your bets, seeing it spinning and moving in the vicinity of your bets and then stopping on one of the bets immediately knowing the outcome of your bet, allows a new level of game emotionality.

RELIVE Roulette arises from the observation of the behavior of the players at the table and their tendency to bet on full and horses by wheel sectors. The traditional layout does not facilitate these betting dynamics given the different arrangement of the numbers with respect to the cylinder. It also allows the insertion of new gambling bets whose outcome depends on the fall of the ball. It therefore transforms the most traditional casino game into a simple, smooth, intuitive and exciting game that allows the player to easily and quickly identify himself with the game.

Our solution includes:

  1. an area that faithfully reflects the arrangement of the numbers inside the game cylinder
  2. our own software capable of detecting instant by instant the position of the ball from the moment of launch until the end of its run.

RELIVE Roulette allows to:

  • have a single vision, thanks to the positioning of the single bets directly on the place where the player will see the ball run, allows an innovative and immersive experience creating a very strong emotional involvement
  • increase the bet for hour ratio thanks to a very dynamic game development given the immediacy also of the inexperienced player in finding the corresponding bets between game cylinder and bet
  • regular players can enjoy a new and exciting experience related to the game they love most
  • bring inexperienced players to the world of roulette by offering a simple, immediate and intuitive game
  • the possibility of displaying some typical symbols of slot machines (cherries / diamonds / cards) allows new betting opportunities (side bets) by linking the winnings to the fall of the ball in correspondence to the circular distribution of the symbols themselves
Video shows the ball tracking software:
Video shows some applications of the concept:

RELIVE Roulette is the subject of patent pending on the entire system and its possible applications, a design registered both nationally and internationally and copyrighted software.