RoyalFam is a completely new card game, not a reworking of traditional games, very simple and intuitive, aimed to increase interaction and create gaming strategies, therefore well suited to be an attraction both for inexperienced and traditional players.

RoyalFam takes place in two phases:

  • the first one foresees a prediction on the cards that will be turned in the hand.
  • the second, called 2nd-Half, allows the player a further bet to view cards.

RoyalFam provides that 6 players can sit at the table, each of whom plays with 6 cards, the 4 on the table and the 2 on his desk.

Riproduci video

RoyalFam provides that the winning combinations are the Jack (J), the Queen (Q) and the King (K) and their output determines 6 different combinations on which it is possible to bet:

  • the presence of at least one Jack or a Queen or a King with equal payment
  • the presence only of cards with a value between 1 and 7 with payment of 9 times
  • one Jack, one Queen and one King at the same time (J-Q-K) with payment of 10 times
  • a Jack, a Queen and a King of the same suit (RoyalFam) paid 19 times to all the players who bet it if it occurs in at least one of the 6 positions

The first phase ends with the withdrawal of the losing bets and the payment of the winning ones.

In the 2nd-Half all the cards stay visible on the playing layout and each player can participate by betting on the closure of J-Q-K or RoyalFam where a card is missing on completion of the combination.

The owner of the box can choose a card from the top three of the deck to close the combination.

RoyalFam combines the pleasure of discovering one’s cards individually, with the possibility of playing with the cards of other players, generating a double wait: the waiting for the final result remains high throughout the game and extends into the second phase where players can bet on any location increasing fun and participation.

RoyalFam is the subject of a design filed at Italian and international level, of copyright on the format, as well as of the trademark consisting of the name and logo. Math of the game has been verified and certified by the Department of Statistical Sciences of the University of Bologna.