Triple Win Black-Jack

The “Triple Win” is a side bet in the game of Black Jack.

It takes place on the traditional layout of the game of Black Jack with the additional betting area called “Triple Win”.

Usually Black Jack involves the use of 6 or 8 decks of 52 cards and a number of positions equal to seven.

This side bet does not include any changes to the traditional game of Black Jack which maintains its characteristics and rules unchanged.

Before the cards are dealt, each player, in addition to placing the bet to participate in the game of Black Jack, will therefore be able to make an additional bet called “Triple Win”.

The “Triple Win” bet takes into consideration the first two cards dealt to each player.

Any combination of two cards of the same suit PAYS 3: 1

except for:

  • A-A, A-2, A-3, A-4, A-5, A-6, A-7, A-8, A-9, A-10 of the same suit LOSERS

  • A-J of the same suit PAYS 5 : 1

  • A-Q of the same suit PAYS 10 : 1

  • A-K of the same suit PAYS 20 : 1

After the distribution of the first two cards to all players, the “Triple Win” bet will be verified, withdrawing the losing bets and paying the winning ones.


Paytable Triple Win



Probability 6 decks

Probability 8 decks

Suited combinations expept Aces


84,294 %

84,523 %

Suited Ace – Jack


1,781 %

1,779 %

Suited Ace – Queen


3,265 %

3,262 %

Suited Ace – King


6,233 %

6,228 %